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 Know what is special for the Aparcalia price calculator

Aparcalia is a website specifically designed for garages and parking spaces.

Parking spaces prices are strongly influenced by the mobility in a city, the shortage of supply, economic activity in the area, the poles of demand, maneuverability and ultimately, by its location. Therefore, prices may show strong variations in just a few hundred meters. Thus average prices per sq2 or m2 traditionally used for housing do not fit to garages.

In summary, when users choose a parking space, they evaluate firstly its use, residential or work, the distance to the home / work, followed by price and maneuverability / size.

In the same way, the price calculation of Aparcalia statistically weighs the used data depending on their proximity and date of publication.

The size or maneuverability of parking spaces is not weighted. Usually these data entered by advertisers are very subjective. Secondly, places around the same area tend to have a similar size.
In general, you should expect real prices are higher than the average estimation we provide for larger spaces and viceversa.