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 What is the Aparcalia price calculator?

Aparcalia is a website designed specifically for garages and parking spaces.

Since 2006 we ​​have built an extensive database as well as we have learned from users seeking for advice when posting an ad or looking for a parking space

As a result, after many tests and calibrations, we can offer a service that allows you to have the best price estimation available of parking spaces for sale or rent in a given area.

Please note that prices are based on postings. The actual value of the transaction is not known for Aparcalia but usually there is a margin for discount on the published price.

The average price calculated we show you is accompanied with a value of reliability (high, medium, low) providing an additional indicator for the time and area of interest.

In any case, you should not take our estimation as the official market price. This may vary depending on size or maneuvrability, although you can always consult other sources.