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 Other Issues

  1. I do not receive emails

    How to proceed if you do not receive our emails

  2. Where is Aparcalia operating?

    Know where we are present

  3. Parking spaces already rented or sold

    What about the parking spaces already leased or sold?

  4. Have you noticed any bug?

    If you detect a bug, we will appreciate that you let us know

  5. Report an Abuse

    Report abuse

  6. Suggestions

    Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome

  7. I know a carpark of interest to Aparcalia

    Do you know a carpark that should be in Aparcalia and is not yet?

  8. Upcoming services

    Upcoming Aparcalia services

  9. What is the recommended price to share a parking space?

    Basic instructions to set the price for shared parking spaces

  10. Active parking spaces

    Active parking spaces