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 How I can create my own microsite and add listings or parkings?

First, you MUST have a professional account. If you don't, yo can see here how to create it in a few clicks.

Once logged in Aparcalia , click on this link my account at the top right of the screen, to acces the microsite dashboard:

Under the menu Actions you will find the link (in the picture surrounded by a circle) to Manage Micro-sites . Click to acces the microsites dashboard.

Now you just have to enter the requested information - specified below - to describe your microsite and press Save Changes at the end of the form. We recommend that you include as much information as possible to increase the visibility of your microsite and optimize indexing by search engines.

In the left column you can see your active microsites. Select one of them to edit it. Or create a new one, clicking on create new . By default, you can add up to 3 microsites. If you need more customized pages, you can contact us at

The information you can enter for a microsite is:

  1. Microsite type
    Indicate whether the type is for a public parking (one or several carparks can be added), or a real estate agency (one, several or all your listings for rental, sale or shared parking can be added).

  2. Alias
    Enter here a name of your choice to recognize your microsite in the future. This will not be visible to other users than you.

  3. Title
    Title of the page. Appear next to your logo.

  4. Web
    Your web page, the microsite will include this link.

  5. E-mail, Phone Number, Fax
    Basic and contact data

  6. Logo
    You may upload a logo to reinforce your brand image, up to a maximum of 300x300pixels

  7. Description
    Write here the main text of your customized page.

  8. Publish
    If you are not sure, uncheck this box and your microsite will not be published.

  9. Add listings or parkings to your microsite
    Add car-parks (if you are a parking operator) or listings (if you are a real state agency) to your customized page. You can decide to include one, several or all car-parks or listings.

Here you can see an example of a microsite for 2 car-parks

When you create a microsite for the first time, we will send you a confirmation e-mail acknowledging that all information has been received. Every ad is reviewed by our team to ensure the quality and consistency of the information. Usually, microsites are reviewed over a period of 24-48 hours, but this may take a little longer during weekends or bank holidays.