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All your parking needs online

 What are our professional services and to whom?

Aparcalia is a website to help people find available parking alternatives.

Since 2006 we have increased in Aparcalia our parking portfolio for professional users, providing a strong meeting point between parking space offer and demand.

Whether you manage a public carpark, a real estate agency, a hotel offering parking, a long stay parking, etc you may be interested in the tools we put at your disposal.

You can create a customized page for your company, agency, hotel; insert your parking offer, post your ads of private spaces or create micro-sites where to add several carparks. You can access all our services on the cloud, just with a browser, edit and create new content or delete existing one.

Depending on your profile, we will show your offer to the thousands of users that visit us daily, allowing you to significantly increase the visibility of your supply and set up a new communication channel with your customers.

You are only a few clicks to show your content online. Follow this link to see what you have to do to access these services .