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All your parking needs online

 how to publish a new ad or responding to an ad of your interest

  1. Reply to an ad

    See how to contact the owner of a parking space

  2. How to post an ad?

    Instructions to post a parking space for rent, sale or shared

  3. How long is an ad posted?

    Ads expire after

  4. Why do I have to give my e-mail?

    We will never publish your e-mail, but we need it to verify your account and the information we publish

  5. Can I post several ads for the same parking space?

    We only admit one ad per parking space and type of offer (rent, sale, shared)

  6. How many ads can I post?

    Check the number of ads you can post

  7. Do I have to give my phone number?

    Your phone number is not required but it will help you to rent / sell / share your parking place

  8. Reactivate an expired advert

    See steps to reactivate an ad that has expired

  9. How much does it cost to post an ad?

    Post an ad for free. Check the details

  10. Why is my ad active even if I have deleted it?

    There may be an error. See steps to follow.

  11. Delete an ad

    See how to delete an ad, so it will be no longer visible.

  12. Renew an ad that is about to expire

    See how to renew an advertisement you have posted and that is about to expire

  13. Change the advert address

    If you want to modify your parking space address, see how to change it.

  14. Edit an advert

    see how to modify an advertisement you have posted.

  15. Why is not my advert posted online inmediately?

    Ads are reviewed before being posted. Check the details.

  16. Can I add a link to my advert?

    We do not allow links. See the reasons.

  17. Problems to insert an image

    read about how to add photos to your adverts

  18. I do not receive the confirmation e-mail of advert posted

    See what to do if you do not get the confirmation e-mail.

  19. Why is not my e-mail posted?

    Its for your own safety. Check the details.