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All your parking needs online

 Discover what is the reliability of the average prices

In Aparcalia, we have tens of thousands of parking spaces posted, which, in our knowledge, represents the largest database of parking space ads nationwide.

We only use data of ads that are renewed every 60 days, which gives a very updated picture of prices at all times.

-Parking space prices depends strongly on location.Therefore, the reliability of the price estimation increases with the sample size, and when enough data nearby to the search address are available.

To calculate a reliable price, we automatically use the nearest data to the address introduced, or we augment the sampling radius when there are not enough data in order to produce reliable results

The statistical function used provides the most reliable result. It automatically weights the sample size and the standard deviation. In any event, we provide a qualitative reliability indicator: high, medium, low

We will let you know when the reliability is very low because of lack of data. Remember that you can always check the price of postings around your area of ​​interest.

Please note that prices are based on postings. The actual value of the transaction is not known for Aparcalia but usually there is a margin for discount on the published price.