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Aparcalia uses geocoding services from third parties. Newest streets or neighborhoods may not always be found in Aparcalia since these services are not always up to date with the most recent urban developments.

In case the address you are looking for is not recognized, Aparcalia will likely provide a number of suggestions to choose from. If none of them match, we recommend you to include more information in the search field such as the zip code, location, etc. Most times, this should solve the problem .

In any case,you may also browse around the map in Aparcalia to visually identify an address

There are some known bugs that may produce different outputs when searching for an address:

- When addresses can be expressed in several co-official languages in the search area: For instance, a search may fail for 'Plaza de Cataluña' and work for 'Plaça de Catalunya'

- When typing the wrong type of address. For example 'Parlament Street' instead of 'Parlament Avenue'

- Addresses that contain proper names matching several street names, places, cities or landmarks. For example, 'London square in Liverpool'

- When the street address has articles. For example, search 'Calle Palencia' fail while 'Calle de Palencia' produce valid results

Despite specifying the ZIP code is not mandatory it may improve the search. In last instance, we suggest typing the address of a nearby street that can be recognized and use the map controls to move around

In Aparcalia we are constantly improving so if any known address still fails, we invite you to contact us at